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Dashboard API Query

I'm using networks/n_id/clients/?timespan=7200 to look at clients that have associated with this network over the last 2 hours.

When I run this I only receive 4 clients back - but when I check the dashboard for clients associated within the last 2 hours on the network I see 10.


Am I interpreting what this api query looks for/or am I using timespan wrong in this instance?


I have found this call only provides clients from "network" ie the Security Appliance.  Where if you are looking at the Dashboard - Network-Wide - Clients default view without a filter, then you are seeing clients across all the devices in that network.  You may see clients for example that have talked on a switch but not passed enough/any traffic through the appliance to show there.


On the Clients page you can filter to, Only security appliance clients, or switch, or access points. etc.

Kind of a big deal

@jashcraft : Not sure if it helps 



Inderdeep Singh
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@jashcraft  I just randomly ran the same call on multiple networks across different organizations, I have seen a consistent number of clients from both API and dashboard.  

From your original message, although I didn't expect a slash between 'clients and the question mark as highlighted in red below, actually it worked for me with or without that slash. 



I would suggest double-checking the network ID, trying the curl command to rule out any SDK/tool dependency, and also trying to see if you can get more clients by increasing the timespan. 


If the problem persists, more detailed information would be helpful.  

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