Bluetooth Dashboard API Method

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Bluetooth Dashboard API Method

Hey all!


I am having a bit of trouble accessing the bluetooth settings using the dashboard API. Here is the code:


def getBluetoothSettings(network_id):
     response = dashboard.bluetooth_settings.getNetworkBluetoothSettings(network_id)



When this runs I get "DashboardAPI has no object or attribute bluetooth_settings"


Any ideas?

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Which API are you using?


If you're on V0, at a guess try BluetoothSettings instead of bluetooth_settings


tbh I haven't used V0 much, I switched to using the V1 beta for everything, I've found it stable/reliable the last few point releases


I am using v0 but also got the same error:


AttributeError: 'DashboardAPI' object has no attribute 'BluetoothSettings'





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