Automated Configuration Check

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Automated Configuration Check

I am looking to figure out how to crawl all MX devices in all of my Organizations to do an automated configuration verification on a routine schedule (basic things like is AMP enabled).  I will need to write a specification for what all we need to verify.  I would like to contract a developer to create this script to the aforementioned specification.  I am really not finding anyone advertising this skill via Google but I may not be looking in the right places.  Any suggestions or volunteers of where I can find assistance from someone that can demonstrate their ability to accomplish the task?  

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Hello @CheesyPoof I would suggest looking through the app store and list of developers & partners at to see if there's something under Browse all apps > Network Management.  There are at least a couple dozen ecosystem partners under that category.  But in addition to reaching out to these partners, perhaps also visit the web site (now part of Cisco DevNet) which includes a bunch of automation scripts and a code exchange here and chances are someone has already developed at least part of what you are looking for, which you could massage into your own or one of the ecosystem partners could use to develop for you.  There is also a Meraki ecosystem exchange on the Meraki DevNet site you'll notice.  

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Hello CheesyPoof,
We at will be glad to develop it for you. We have been using Meraki API and develop for Meraki based deployment many configuration workflow automatons.
Please send an email to and he will respond to you immediately.

Hi CheesyPoof,


we at Bizmate developed Dasboard Application Platform called V-APP.


You can take a look at its website ( and we can eventually schedule a call to discuss it further to see how it can suit your needs.



Building a reputation

Something like this :


This Script writes all sites which have AMP running in an excel file


import meraki
import xlwt
from xlwt import Workbook
import apikey

api_key = apikey.Get_Api_Key("COMPANY")

wb = Workbook()
sheet1 = wb.add_sheet('AMP')
row_count = 1

dashboard = meraki.DashboardAPI(api_key)

my_org = dashboard.organizations.getOrganizations()

for org in my_org:
        print(f'\nAnalyzing organization {org["name"]}:')
        org_id = org['id']

my_networks = dashboard.networks.getOrganizationNetworks(org_id)

for my_net in my_networks:

        my_sec = dashboard.malware_settings.getNetworkSecurityMalwareSettings(net_id)
        row_count += 1
        print (" Site : ",my_net["name"]," not running")'AMP-Sites.xls')

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