What's the first thing you think about when you think about your network?

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What's the first thing you think about when you think about your network?

When you start your day with your network and are logging into the dashboard, what is the first thing you want to see?  What do you want to know about your network or organization(s)?

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As an admin of more than 10 Meraki Organizations, I've created a scrip using the all-mighty API's, to send me each  morning the Change log for yesterday, so that I can see what my peers or junior admins have changed in the Organizations and to act accordingly. So I start my day by scrolling thru the change log.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I check to see if there is any new firmware released as I like trying out the upgrades we get.  As the Meraki equipment generally just works I don't log in every day.

Kind of a big deal

As we just implemented several new MRs (SSIDs) in some branches I check how the users use it 😉

So, how many are logged in and how much traffic they made.

Second to check the switches, which are all new as well.

And then click  help - community 😬

Kind of a big deal

I used to check network trend which includes top applications,power consumption, bandwidth consumption and new firmware update if any available over the period of time. 

Inderdeep Singh
www.thenetworkdna.com ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Kind of a big deal

I manage and monitor several dozen organizations and actually start the work day scrolling summary and security reports that I have scheduled to my email. It is a quick way for me to get an overview of many networks. 

No red lights and lots of green!!!



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Two things come to mind: (1) when I log into the dashboard, I wish my starting screen/view was something like the Summary Report. I want a health dashboard/status screen with traffic lights by product family (MV, MR, MS, etc). A combination of the Summary Report and the default Clients view that shows now.


Tied to this, I wish there was the option to configure your opening view by user. For example, I want the Summary Report / Health page. Another user wants to see the Video Walls upon login. Under user settings, it would be nice to select your opening screen upon login.


(2) The other thing that I want to check is usage by clients. Is there a client using too much traffic or possibly creating an issue on the network. Show me APs or Switches or Clients by usage in the past hour, 2-4-8 hours, day, week, month. In this view, I wish there was a "now/live" view (dynamic view updating every 1/5/30/60 seconds).

Esteban J Nunez
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Kind of a big deal

I like the idea of having a customised view per user preference. Kind of a drag and drop widget view where I can choose what’s important to me, whether that be license status for Orgs, Top talking clients, utilisation across network devices.


On another note, expand on the Make a Wish feature. Why can’t we see what other people are requesting and vote Up/Down

Darren O'Connor | uccert.co.uk

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I would like the idea to up/downvote wishes.

Or something like aha.io which already gets used by cisco collaboration.


When it comes to my personal meraki dashboard. For 90% I'm using it to WOL my computer =D (someday I will bookmark the link to the client...)

Kind of a big deal

I think the first thing I want to see is things that require my urgent attention.  Examples would be devices offline.

Kind of a big deal

>what is the first thing you want to see? 


The dashboard responding quickly.

@PhilipDAth yeah right quick response of dashboard to see further things. That should be first thing to notice 😀



Inderdeep Singh


Inderdeep Singh
www.thenetworkdna.com ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Getting noticed

When i log into the dashboard the thing that comes to mind, is how much work i might have ahead of me for the day 🙂


Apart from that, would be a list of issues across various areas of the network based on severity. This would enable a quick look into whats going on and what needs to be tackled first

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