Security Policy Issue

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Security Policy Issue

Would there be a reason why we have the security policy in Meraki setup to alert if the screen saver doesn't turn on in 15 minutes, and doesn't ask for a login screen.  We have a group policy setup to go to screen saver, and turn off the display at 15 minutes, and require a login to get back in, but security policy still says all the systems are failing it.


Does it require a subscription to the Systems Manager feature to work?

Kind of a big deal

You do need a subscription, but because of lots of promos, and a lot of orgs have some quantity of free licences.  If you are able to see the device in Systems Manager, then it should work fine.


Make sure the Systems Manager policy setting you are looking at says it is for the kind of device you are applying it to.

Thanks, I am guessing you mean under the tags area, where it lists the different OS's?  All the options are listed there, though if I click on any of them, they say if you want to see anything under this, you need a license.


Under policy its self, I don't see anything about the kind of device it is applied to, but it could be a lack of permission possibly.

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