Question about Meraki dash board (filtering)

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Question about Meraki dash board (filtering)

Hello there,


We are now deploying Meraki system at one of our customer.
and configuring Contents Filtering for each office. (every single office would have same policy)


But since there are many offices, we don't want to configur it one by one.

Is there any way to configure it just one time for all offices inclduing for coming up office(not installed yet but would be soon)?


Thank you.


Kind of a big deal

Re: Question about Meraki dash board (filtering)

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Re: Question about Meraki dash board (filtering)

Hey @Koquestion,


If you are creating all the networks from scratch and want configs for each site to remain somewhat independent, you can always fully configure the first of the lot and then just clone all the other networks from it. If you want the ability to update all your sites simultaneously then templates are the way to go, as @jdsilva mentioned.


Hope this helps! 😃


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