Ping lost from AP. When same AP, SSID

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Ping lost from AP. When same AP, SSID

I found the problem. My customer checked ping client ( to gate ways ( (the client has connected by meraki ap), But the result was ping lost sometime and ping time get higher then normally.

After that I control the channel the AP's are broadcasting on across both of these frequency bands via the use of the RF profiles, but I still found the same problem. How to I can adjust this problem ?????

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Hi Porch,


Few questions:

1. Have you checked the Heatmap for any interference?

2. How is the SNR of the signal?

3. How about some laptops are they also experiencing the same issue?

4. Can you try to go below on the AP and try to ping again?


Hi Terry

1. Yes, I have already checked the heatmap and surveyed wifi strength. the result was good

2. SNR of the signal high power ( 30dBm+ of 5G)

3. Some laptop found this problem (Specific laptops was that connected via AP4) and the other laptop worked normally.

4. Before I will testing, I connect my laptop below on the AP, I found my laptop connected to internet slow and got high latency time sometime. After that I checked the other laptop which connected via this AP, So the result was same.


I think the problem may occur firmware update, but another site not found this problem.

Hi Porch, How about when connected to other AP? If the signal and ping is good at other APs, you may check Layer 1 which is the cable of the AP. Possible that the cable of the AP from the switch exceeds 100 meters which there is loss along the cable.

Hi Terry, The cable of the AP connected to the switch lower then 100 meters (about 5-10 meters)

LAN cable type CAT6. I think it connect very well and there may not loss from the distance cable.

Hi Porch, You may try to exchange the APs. Try to exchange the affected AP from the other APs. Then connect on that affected AP, and test also the AP that was exchanged from the previous location of the affected AP. Let see if you are still having problems with the affected AP, or there is an issue on its location.

Hi Terry, I tried to exchange the APs, But It had still the problem. After that I checked the RF profile in dashboard, I found the RF profile not auto channel width (locked channel width 20 MHz in 5GHz, But the SNR 30dB+ of 5G) when I enabled auto channel width in the RF profile. the problem from ping lost didn't occur and network system worked flow, But the ping time (Latency) have gotten to still  higher then normally.

1. Why the result of auto channel width can decrease the problem ?

2. Why the network worked normally, but the latency have gotten to still  higher (Sometime latency < 500) ??

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