Need "meter is running" license options

Getting noticed

Need "meter is running" license options

Scenario: for the occasional conference/event, it's handy popping up small MX and a couple of APs. What's not handy? Paying for licenses for gear that sits on the shelf until needed. Would be nice if an X year license decremented on actual days used in this case somehow.



Getting noticed

Could you just use the grace period of 30 days?

sure, but it feels sleazy on some level. But then again, for the price of licensing, I could probably live with myself:)

ha ha i know what you mean. But hey, for a short event why not? Just be careful not to overrun anything. 

What bothers me is that if you purchase units and they sit for a month or two before deployment - before the license is even activated - the license countdown has already started.  In fact, the license countdown starts the day the license is issued.  Drives me nuts, but I try to ignore it.

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