Group policies question - Meraki Dashboard

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Group policies question - Meraki Dashboard

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Is there a way to step up group policy that is linked to the user account instead of ip addresses/dns name? I find a bit weird that I have to set up every pc that connects to the network to give them different policies, the pc that change ip addresses and its going to be a pain to change every time.


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If I'm not work "clients", are devices. I cannot assign to a user or a group of devices. Am I wrong?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Of course you can. Just pick that endpoint from "Network -> Clients" and assign them your policy.


Another possibility would be using authentication and dynamically assigning policies controlled by your RADIUS server.

Getting noticed

I've been wondering about this recently.

I wonder if there is anything on the roadmap?


I want to apply Policy to the User (and their clients/devices).

Not using AD, not using external RADIUS.

Using built in Local Meraki Database.

I was surprised, I couldn't see a Group Policy option on the user itself.


I know there are lots of alternatives.. but in some small deployments.

Local Meraki DB is nice, and it would be nicer for the client to not have to purchase a 3rd party solution (especially when they don't have AD, and don't want to use Captive Portals)


Can anyone from Meraki comment?



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