Dashboard Live View - what is the best place to go?

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Dashboard Live View - what is the best place to go?

What is the closest to a live-view of the network? Or is this a wish list item? Or is this not a normal request (networking rookie)?


I want to log into the Dashboard, go to Live View (or whatever is closest) and see what's happening on the network live... traffic, most active AP, most active switch, top 10 clients, etc. Similar to clients view or summary view, but instead of past 2 hours I want to view and update live.


Thanks for any insight into this.

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Hi @EJN,


Same I am also looking into that. For now the closest one I could think of is the View all network then select the Devices tab. You will see the list of devices, the number of clients connected to each devices, status of connectivity. etc. You can also filter the devices using the Search bar.



In addtion, if you need other details, click the plus + icon at the upper right corner to choose other details you need.



 Hope this helps 🙂






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