Check out Meraki APIs with these upcoming and on-demand webinars!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Check out Meraki APIs with these upcoming and on-demand webinars!

Hi all!


For those of you who are not already checking the Developers and APIs board - I thought I'd share the following announcement:


We currently have one upcoming and a few on-demand webinars that might appeal to both beginners and advanced programmers! If you've been meaning to look into Meraki API services, this could be a good opportunity to check them out:


Upcoming Webinar:

Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-RED, Jan 14th -  registration is still open!

Node-RED could be the thing that gets you programming with APIs or radically changes your programming practice - it makes it so easy! Join us in the webinar (live or on-demand) to learn more - basically this is a programming tool that allows you to really easily and intuitively create workflows and fills in the boilerplate code around those commands for you. For more background before the show, check out one of our recent blogs on this topic.


On-Demand Webinars:

Programming in Python: An Updated SDK for the Meraki Dashboard API

For those looking to automate configuration or monitoring with the Meraki Dashboard API - this session is for you. No experience in Meraki, programming, or Python is necessary - this session will be valuable to both experienced programmers interested in what’s new with this updated SDK, and those curious about what is possible with Meraki APIs.


Meraki APIs for Beginners

Whether you’re considering moving to Meraki, just pulled the trigger, or have been a Meraki customer or partner for awhile - understanding the basics of the Meraki APIs will help you make informed decisions about your upcoming deployment, opportunities to further automate your workflows, product integrations, and potential for applications built on top of Meraki technologies. Join us in this session to understand the fundamentals of APIs (no development experience necessary!) and learn what’s possible, what others are doing, and how to get started.


Meraki Automation - Multi-Org Management

All enterprises, large and small, have their own way of doing things and this pertains to network management and monitoring as well. In this session, you’ll be introduced to APIs, code, and tools that will allow an organization to build out dynamic interactions with the Meraki platform that aligns with the way that their teams do the business of networking.


We're always adding new shows to this channel - stay tuned for more upcoming presentations! Please also feel free to message me directly with any suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered in future webinars 🙂

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Kind of a big deal

Should sticky this thread to the API forums 😃
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