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Please introduce yourself

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Re: Please introduce yourself

@CSDJoe@frankbeaudry@Mahesh123@Dan_Nicolet@arpitshrm84@Delinquent - 


Welcome to the community, and thanks for introducing yourselves! It's always good to know who is here. Please feel free to reach out to me (via PM or an @mention here) with any questions or suggestions related to the community, and please don't hesitate to dive right in to the technical forums. We're a friendly bunch.


If you'd like to stay in-the-know about Meraki Community contests & events, you can subscribe to the Announcements blog: go here, click the "Options" menu in the upper right, and select "Subscribe." Sometimes we do fun things like hide gnomes in the community or give away Meraki-branded Hawaiian shirts 😀


- Caroline

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki | @merakicaroline
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Hi! I'm Jennifer -- fan of Meraki Smiley Happy Looking forward to being part of this Community. 

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Re: Please introduce yourself

Hi, My name is Mel and I look after the voice and data network for Stevenson Astrosat in Edinburgh U.K

My career has always been in telecommunications both as an engineer and manager. I am relatively new to IP networks and it's a very steep learning curve. Thankfully there are people in communities and forums that are keen to help which is reassuring.

Already had some sound advice from the community and the Meraki support team so off to a great start.

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Re: Please introduce yourself

Hello all,


Name is John Cottage. I work for a Cisco VAR in the NYC tri-state area. My main focus is Cisco's security portfolio(ISE, SteathWatch, Firepower, AMP). As there is now alot of integration and overlap with the Meraki offerings, I do alot of Meraki installs as well. 


From the Meraki cert side I have both the CMNO and CMNA


Re: Please introduce yourself

Hi I am Aravind Ravikumar I work on Cisco ISE Deployments at Securview, Inc.


Re: Please introduce yourself

Hi all! I work for a VAR in the wi-fi group. I have been in computer networking for many years and been working with 802.11 exclusively since 2002, but have limited experience with Meraki.

The impetus for me to become more familiar with Meraki is one of my companies largest customers is looking to move from their current wi-fi vendor to Meraki. 

I have set up a home lab with a MS220-8P switch and a pair of MR18s access points and it is working well. However I need to increase my knowledge of the security appliance, Insight, End point management and cameras, so that when they pull the trigger to make the switch, I will be ready to implement a total solution. I figured that joining the community was a good place to begin my Meraki education. I look forward to a mutually beneficial exchange of information and ideas.

Glad to be aboard! 

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Re: Please introduce yourself

Hi everyone!

I'm Waleed Galal and I work as Senior Network Specialist at GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Ltd.