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[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Community Challenge: Folding@home

Community Manager

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🎉🎉🎉UPDATE 12 May 2020: Winners have been announced! Thank you to all who participated! 🎉🎉🎉




UPDATE: We have been blown away by your participation in this cause! Your folding has even helped bump the Cisco Meraki team into the top 400!


To celebrate your success and encourage even more participation, we've decided to add 3 additional chances for you to win swag. 


Everyone who joins the Cisco Meraki team and earns at least 200 "Credits" towards fighting COVID-19 will be entered into a random drawing for a Meraki Cloud Pin set:


Meraki Cloud Pin SetMeraki Cloud Pin Set



When the contest ends on Friday, June 12th, we will announce the top 3 ranking winners and ALSO the 3 randomly selected winners from the rest of the Folding@home Cisco Meraki team. That means, even if you aren't able to contribute at a high enough level to compete for the top ranks, you'll still have a chance to win sweet swag! 


It's anyone's race now, so get folding and tell us your username in a comment on this post today!



A major hurdle for researchers trying to defeat COVID-19 right now is access to computer power; running analysis and simulations on complex proteins takes a lot of time and computational resources that limit researchers' ability to make progress with their work. Folding@home is an organization that allows you to donate CPU/GPU cycles on your own computers/servers to run portions of these simulations for researchers and speed up results. By crowdsourcing processing power, researchers can complete simulations that would take days to weeks in just a couple hours. Dozens of our own Merakians have formed the Cisco Meraki team, which has already ranked 590 of 253,120!


We think this is an excellent cause and that it should absolutely involve swag. Therefore, over the next 30 days, the three community members who achieve the highest ranks among fellow members by donating their processing power towards Cisco Meraki team 243108 will be awarded fabulous Meraki prizes. 


Check out our first, second, and third place prizes:


First Place — Osprey Ultralight Stuff PackFirst Place — Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack


Second Place  — Magnetic Desk SculptureSecond Place — Magnetic Desk Sculpture


Third Place  — Thermal Water BottleThird Place — Thermal Water Bottle


How to enter

If you have access to gaming computers, servers and/or even just a home PC, get started by following THIS link. Once you’ve set up your account, share your username in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PDT on Friday, June 12th. Only points credited to Cisco Meraki team 243108 will be counted. To join the team, simply enter “243108” into the client setup when you install the client. 


On June 12th, we will announce the top three ranking community members, as determined by Folding@Home’s scoring. You must post your username here to be eligible. Note that your comment on this blog post containing your username will be public and visible throughout the contest. 


The fine print:


For more information regarding Folding@home, please see useful links below:


Folding@Home FAQ

Creating a User and Joining Team 243108

Folding@Home Reaches exaFLOP of computer power


VM's running Windows Enterprise with 1 processors each, Estimated Points 730, points per day 1777. VM Host has dual Xeon Gold 6152.

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Look at me, late to the party but helping out.  



Comes here often

Hi, my ID is Wallpix




Comes here often

Count me in.




@MMoss I am running a single VM with 24 processors, Windows Server 2016 Standard. Points per day ~ 127135.


Host is running dual 12-core Xeon processors with 128 GB RAM. OS is Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition. Hyper-threading is also turned on.


The FAH VM is one of 20 VMs on the server.



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Better late than never... Im Folding as Network_dad... If I fold from several computers does it all add up?

Here to help

@Network-dad Yes it does add up, just make sure your username is the same on each. You should also get a (1) pass key and use that on each

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@ChrisLaird  Thank you, I have about 10 computers folding now with a total of 62 CPU cores and 3 Graphics cards.. no where close to some of the bug guys in this competition but I'm giving it a good shot

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@Network-dadnice, that's great! What kind of cards are you using? I have 6x GTX 1070s which each push about 750,000 points a day. But I also have 16x old Quadro K2000 cards that only push about 20,000 points a day. I wonder how some of the newer cards perform... even the 1070 is a few years old now.




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Always depends on the WU you get assigned. I've seen my GTX 980 TI rated for 729k points a day. This is the oldest card i'm running. I actually have it installed in a eGFX box over Thunderbolt 3 connected to an Intel NUC.

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I've got a new AMD 3900x build with an older EVGA GTX1060 6gb SSC overclocked a bit. Averaging around 800,000 ppd.

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@ChrisLaird  Today i added my RTX2070 and it alone is doing 1.1M points a day last night i did 300,000 points.. I'm hoping to catch up 😁

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@Network-dad ....turn that back off please 😛

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@JMalcore don't worry its in a laptop so it wont be folding all the time.... 🤣

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2020-05-29 09_40_50-Window.png This is off of my laptop.... it dropped down a bit 😂 @JMalcore @ChrisLaird 

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@Network-dad  woah nice! I'm jealous... most of my devices are macs, which don't support GPU folding. I haven't tried OCing any of my windows cards, I figure everything is already hot enough as is. Your laptop alone pushes you up into the top tier of team contributors. It's fun watching the extemeoverclocking page to see our projected growth in team rankings. We've moved from 590 down to 380 in the last few weeks, and EO has us moving up another few positions every day, although the competition is certainly getting fiercer now.

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@ChrisLaird I'm just happy to be behind a good cause... I still have no chance agents the big shots



Folding as Melby78 🙂

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@ChrisLaird  thanks for sharing the link to extreme overclocking. Had no idea this was available. Makes it easier to see i'm trending for second place 😃 😂

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