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Points Contest: Week 2 Roundup (Part 2)

Community Manager



Wow! So many of you have been earning points that we couldn't quite fit everyone in Part 1 of this week's roundup. Therefore, we needed an additional post to announce the last bit of Tier 1, as well as Tiers 2 and 3. If you're tagged here, head on over to Part 1 for more ideas on how you can keep earning points!


Part 2 of members who reached Tier 1 by achieving 30 points:



Members who reached Tier 2 by achieving 100 points:



Members who reached Tier 3 by achieving 200 points:




Congrats everyone!!

Here to help


 SopheakMang , in the worlds condition, every day should be nice! I feel like its a vacation when i can leave the house and visit the office for an hour or 2 of work if I am lucky to find an errand/task i can resolve!

Be well and stay it and IT

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unbelievable, that already on week 2, so fast and more excited, but keep health and safe for everyone.



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Happy weekend everyone , Have a nice day , and stay at home 😊

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Happy Holiday Weekend to all, stay safe and well!

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Today is cambodian khmer new year , but we can't celebrate , cuz of covid 19 .


We have to careful together. Have a nice day everyone

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I Agree with DCap up above, a Radius authentication in AD on a PS Script makes it so much nicer, and easier to train clients.. I wish all of our clients used Meraki, soon they will for the win!

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Great day , Everyone

Enjoy your day!!!


If you think that Meraki is Great , Just give me one KUDO 😅😅.


Don't take it too serious , I'm just joking 😊