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New community features: Improved rich-text editor (WITH EMOJIS!)

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

We are pleased to announce some improvements to the Meraki Community’s rich text editor that should make your posting experience just a bit smoother:


  1. Drag-n-drop / Copy-paste images
  2. Image toolbar
  3. Improved editor toolbar


Update #1: Drag-n-drop / Copy-paste images

You can now drag images into the editor or even paste them directly!


neweditor-1-dragndrop.pngDragging an image into the editor



neweditor-1a-paste.gifPasting an image into the editor



Update #2: Image toolbar 

Once you’ve added an image to the editor, you can now adjust it easily with the new image toolbar. This allows you to align your image left, center, or right and also resize it.


neweditor-2-imagetoolbar.pngNew image toolbar



Update #3: Improved editor toolbar

The editor has a newly streamlined toolbar; if you want more advanced controls, you can click the "..." icon for additional items.

Emoji menu item!

Most exciting about this new toolbar for me, personally, is the enhanced emoji menu item:

neweditor-3-emojis.pngEmoji menu available from the toolbar


No longer do you have to use clever keyboard commands to get the perfect emoji for your post (as I documented, a while back, here) — just click the little smiley face! 👍


Expanded formatting controls

Using the expanded view of the toolbar (available by clicking the “...” menu item), you can now add / edit tables and set text alignment. 


neweditor-4-expand.pngExpand the toolbar



neweditor-5-expanded.pngExpanded view



Code formatting options

If you have code you'd like to share with the community, it will now be formatted nicely when you use the "Insert code sample" feature on the editor. Just click the "</>" icon, paste in your code, and select the language you are using.


neweditor-6-codesample.pngSelecting the language of a code sample


We hope you find these updates useful; please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Building a reputation


Head in the Cloud
🦑 well done 
Kind of a big deal

Oh cool! The paste image thing was one of the wishes I expressed to Meredith a while back.


Code formatting will come in handy too!


Muchas gracias!

Kind of a big deal
Nice!!! Love the emoji addons.
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

UPDATE! New editor toolbar is now available in our discussion forums (new topics, replies to topics). Hooray!

A model citizen

Ah very nice! 


Agree regarding the pasting option @BrechtSchamp