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Happy Valentine's Day! Show some ♥ for a fellow community member and you could BOTH win swag!

Community Manager


Meraki mini fridge (with car adapter!)Meraki mini fridge (with car adapter!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Show some for a fellow Meraki Community member and you could both be winners!


Tell us which community posts you’ve found most useful, funny, or just fantastic in a comment on this blog post. Each post you link to in your comment is one entry into a drawing for a Meraki mini-fridge for both you AND the community member who wrote the post.


UPDATE: This thread is now closed! Thank you for all of the fantastic contributions. Want to know who won the drawing?



The Meraki Community Team


P.S. To link to a specific reply within a thread, select “Permalink” from the(Options) menu next to the reply's timestamp. This will refresh the page. Then copy the URL from your browser's address window and paste it into your comment.



P.P.S. Please submit your comments by 11 a.m. PST on Tuesday, February 15. A single comment can have multiple linked-to posts; each link is an entry into the drawing for the commenter and the author of the linked-to post. Maximum of 10 entries per commenter. View the complete terms, conditions, and eligibility information here.




I found BHC_RESORTS on best practices and what they've done on their networks insightful.




Kind of a big deal

My favorite post on our MDM Profile/Agent thread here was by @Melissa! I was waiting for this feature for months and was excited to finally have it in my toolbox.


I am also am a huge fan of the thread here about DEP. Lots of participants, I always laugh when @PhilipDAth tells us Apple folks to move to Android!


It is great to see Meraki showing some light heart to tough network people!!


I love Meraki's way of doing things, how they treat clients, the details they have ... I fall in love with Meraki!!!HeartHeartHeart

Community Manager

Thank you all! This was a fantastic thread. I've just announced the winners of the drawing-for-mini-fridges, if you're curious to know!