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Gnome found! And... surprise.... he's lost again! (UPDATE: FOUND!!)

Community Manager

Huzzah! @Welles found MV Gnome within about 5 minutes on Friday — our small bearded friend was in this post from GeorgeB. Thank you, @Welles! Your very own MV gnome is flying your way to complete your collection (hopefully with less damage than last year). 


But, it seems that MV Gnome wasn't content to sit around all weekend... I arrived this morning to a gnome-free windowsill.


All Blacks bear is lonely!All Blacks bear is lonely!

A few team members and I searched around the office, and we eventually found little MV in this bucket of odd-sized CMNA polo shirts:


Happily ensconced in polo shirtsHappily ensconced in polo shirts

I'm not really sure why he decided to snuggle up with the polo shirts — maybe he's looking for a more comfy home? I created a cozy nest for him on the windowsill, and I even turned him around so he can see the view.


A nest for a gnomeA nest for a gnome

Then I headed to a meeting. And.... guess what? Upon my return, I found no gnome (though the nest is still there)! I'm guessing he's here on the community.


Just like last time, if you find him, reply to the post (within the Product and Technology Discussions) he's hiding in with "I FOUND THE GNOME!" The first to reply will get their own MV gnome as a token of appreciation for finding our small friend.


(And no, @Welles, you can't win twice 😛)


P.S. If you'd like to learn more about the MV Gnome and his brothers Switch, MR, and MX Gnome, take a look at this post.


P.P.S. Update December 17 @ 7pm Pacific: @Adoos found him! He was hiding in jared_f's comment on the the announcement about CMNA / CMNO badges (clever guy, he wasn't hiding in Product and Technology discussions like I said he was... sorry about that 😳)


P.P.P.S. Update December 17 @ 9pm Pacific: He's lost for the SECOND TIME TODAY! HELP!


P.P.P.P.S. Update December 17 @ 9:15pm Pacific - Found! Now I can rest easy. Good night!


P.P.P.P.P.S. Update December 18 @ 9:30am Pacific - Lost again!


Gnome in the Home terms, conditions, and eligibility information

Comes here often

Don’t believe in gnomes till I see one with my own eyes 😁

New here

Nice try!

Here to help


Kind of a big deal

Is he lost again?  I honestly can't tell from the multiple threads

Community Manager

I know, it's getting confusing @NolanHerring - but he is, indeed, lost again (as of 9:30am pacific on Tuesday, Dec 18):

New here

Single Yellow Gnome looking for Love....#gnomeontheroam.jpgParis.PNG#gnomeontheroam

Community Manager

@Rainer - I 💚 THIS! Ya'll - check out the adventures of Rainer's Switch gnome on Instagram!

Here to help
Here to help
Comes here often

 @CarolineS ~ is the Gnome still lying low? I need to snatch him up before @Rainer get his muddy paws on one. Man Very Happy

Community Manager

@bTc He has been found! But you never know when he - or one of his buddies - might get restless 🙂