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Community Challenge: Folding@home

Community Manager




The Community Folding@home Challenge is BACK! Last time we ran this challenge, the Cisco Meraki team worked together to rank at around 300 out of 250K teams worldwide, donating all of this processing power to COVID-19 research. 


ICYMI: Folding@home crowd-sources disease research. Participants share unused computer power to run calculations for finding potential cures to diseases. The software allows you to donate CPU/GPU cycles on your own computers/servers to run portions of these simulations for researchers and speed up results. By crowdsourcing processing power, researchers can complete simulations that would take days to weeks in just a couple hours.


This round, in honor of November being Alzheimer’s awareness month, we want to focus our team’s processing power on Alzheimer’s research.


Over the next 30 days, the three community members who achieve the highest ranks among fellow members by donating their processing power towards Cisco Meraki team 243108 will be awarded fabulous Meraki prizes. 


Check out our first, second, and third place prizes:


First Place — Osprey Ultralight Stuff PackFirst Place — Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack


Second Place  — Magnetic Desk SculptureSecond Place — Magnetic Desk Sculpture


Third Place  — Thermal Water BottleThird Place — Thermal Water Bottle


In addition, everyone who joins the Cisco Meraki team and earns at least 200 "Credits" towards fighting Alzheimer's disease will be entered into a random drawing for one of three stylish pairs of Meraki Community socks:


Meraki Community socks (feet not included)Meraki Community socks (feet not included)


How to enter

If you have access to gaming computers, servers and/or even just a home PC, get started by following THIS link. Once you’ve set up your account and selected "Alzheimer's" as your cause, share your username in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, December 16th. Only points credited to Cisco Meraki team 243108 will be counted. To join the team, simply enter “243108” into the client setup when you install the client. 


On December 16th, we will announce the top three ranking community members, as determined by Folding@Home’s scoring. We'll also announce the 3 randomly selected winners from the rest of the Folding@home Cisco Meraki team. That means, even if you aren't able to contribute at a high enough level to compete for the top ranks, you'll still have a chance to win sweet swag! 


You must post your username here to be eligible. Note that your comment on this blog post containing your username will be public and visible throughout the contest. If you already have credits to your username on the Cisco Meraki team, we will only be counting the credits you earn between now and December 16th.


The fine print:


For more information regarding Folding@home, please see useful links below:


Folding@Home FAQ

Creating a User and Joining Team 243108

More about "folding"

Comes here often


New here

First time for me!



Here to help



I am going for that bag this time. I really want the bag.

Just browsing


Comes here often




Comes here often

I'm folding as:


Team 243108


Let's help as much as we can


13:33:12: <!-- User Information -->
13:33:12: <team v='243108'/>
13:33:12: <user v='LKMurddred'/>

New here



New here

Hi guys, my username is A_Non_Moose and I just started folding today. 😁



Here to help

I fold as Moravian_College, donor number 164722331 ✌️

Here to help

@ChrisLaird  Holy moly, I was wondering who that was. My wimpy little laptop won't fold as much as you.  

A model citizen

There seem to be some super-folders among us. 💪👍

And @JanVincent, I think you have to fold a little harder for the bag ... 😉 (I would be perfectly happy with a pair of socks).

Here to help

@ChrisLaird no fair. you got the bag last time. Let me have it this time lol.

Here to help

@JanVincent, I have no idea if I'll win this one since most of my folding apparatus is currently dismantled, but if I can get it back together and come in first again, and you come in second, I'll ask @MeredithW to send the bag to you instead.



Comes here often