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[CONTEST CLOSED] The Points Contest is BACK!

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UPDATE: This contest has ended! Stay tuned for our announcement of the winners!



I’m thrilled to announce we're launching our second ever Points Contest! We had so much fun with April’s Points Contest, that we had to run another. This time around the rules are the same, but the swag is ALL NEW.


How it works

Starting today, certain actions you take in the community will earn you points. Those points will enter you to win a smattering of rad prizes. You needn’t opt in — simply taking one of these point-earning actions will do:


  • Reply to any topic or blog post — 5 points
  • Start a topic (e.g. ask a question, pose a discussion point) — 5 points


To optimize the bang for your buck, writing high-quality posts can earn you even more points:


  • Receive a kudo — 7 points
  • Write an answer that gets marked as a solution — 10 points


As you can see, the more helpful your action to the community, the more points you receive!


There are 3 tiers that you can reach based on the number of points you amass. Within each tier, at the end of the month, we’ll randomly select winners to receive swag as outlined below:


    • Tier 1 requires 30 points and will have 50 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever and a webcam cover

Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever .                    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover
  • Tier 2 requires 100 points and will have 25 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever, a webcam cover, and a pair of coveted Meraki argyle socks

    Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover      Meraki Argyle SocksMeraki Argyle Socks


  • Tier 3 requires 200 points and will have 10 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever, a webcam cover, socks, AND this sleek set of Meraki product pins

    Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever .                    Webcam CoverWebcam Cover


             Meraki Argyle SocksMeraki Argyle Socks                                                 Meraki Product PinsMeraki Product Pins

AND, just like last round, everyone who earns enough points to achieve any tier will be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of a brand new MV12 WE (with 5-year license)! Reaching Tier 1 gets you 1 entry, Tier 2 doubles your entries and… (guess what!?) Tier 3 triples your entries to win!

That means that, over the course of this month, you could write just 6 replies or author just 3 solutions anywhere in the community and be entered to win one of these:Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 4.36.31 PM.png


How will I know how I’m doing?

To keep you all up to date on your progress, every Friday I’ll post a list of everyone who has reached Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.


When are the winners chosen?

On July 31st at 10 am PDT, the contest will end. We’ll then randomly select winners for each tier (50 for Tier 1, 25 for Tier 2, and 10 for Tier 3) and we’ll also draw the lucky winner of the GRAND PRIZE.


We’ll announce each of the winners here, so be sure to stay tuned!


More details:

  • Promotion period: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 10am PDT through Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 9:59am PDT
  • Up to three possible entries per community member: Each time you progress a tier, your entry remains in the tier below as well (meaning more chances to win stuff!). If you are randomly selected to win in two or three separate tiers, you’ll receive only the prize from the highest level tier. If you are selected to receive the Grand Prize, this will be in addition to any tier-level prizes
  • Shipping limitations: We can only ship prizes to residents of these Eligible Countries
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here
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Another one. Yippie Smiley Very Happy

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The webcam cover is a pretty cool little (useful) advertisement! Nice.

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How does the webcam cover work exactly? (I realise it covers the webcam) but is it sticky or suction based?

Kind of a big deal
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Nice nice!! I hope that luck to win.Smiley Very Happy

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What is on the future roadmap for Meraki?

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How do you reply to other peoples comments? All I can do is give Kudos to other peoples posts

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I only seem to be able to kudo others peoples posts and not comment. 

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Origin and Meanings of Meraki:


  • A user from Germany says the name Meraki is of Unknown origin and means "Doing something with you whole heart abd passion".
  • According to a user from Texas, United States, the name Meraki is of Greek origin and means "Leaving a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work."
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@njmorison first time on a forum eh?

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What are major differences in the overall in SD-WAN functionality between Cisco (Viptela) SD-WAN and Meraki SD-WAN? I am aware the overall architectures are quite different but from an end user perspective how different are they in terms of capabilities. Thanks



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Great contest.  Have to wonder though with all the advantages of the Meraki firewall and access points and now the camera and switching line, how long will it take for Meraki to overcome and take all the typical cisco customer away from the standard access point and controllers as the Meraki products are so superior In capabilities, eventually IT managers are going to have to question why we'd deploy a lesser capable product when we could be using Meraki products that really are the next generation of LAN technology.  We don't use MSdos now that windows offers so much more so how long will it take before everyone stops ordering the less capable AP and want only Meraki products.  Suspect we'll see this begin to escalate over the next year.  Once the security folks realize all the advanced capabilities of the Meraki camera line their customers will force them to migrate away from the older technology as there's so much more security that can be provided with these new features they'll realize they need to move forward. 

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Thanks @BrechtSchamp ! I like!

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Hi @Lubandw1 and @njmorison ! Thanks for your comments, we're glad to have you:) If you want to get technical answers to your questions, I recommend posting them over in the forums.

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Como siempre meraki siendo el mejor, que buena solución wireless tienen.

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Every comment counts, doesn't it?

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@GeorgeFrendl yes I believe so 🙂

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@njmorison That is just awesome! 🙂

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Looks like it's time to start posting 🙂