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[CONTEST CLOSED] Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager

UPDATE: This contest has ended, thank you to everyone who shared their 2020 Network Resolutions! Congratulations to our randomly selected winners: @JohnGeorge@SteveKatsman, and @bluemoon.   


In last year’s Network Resolutions contest, the community resolved (among many things) to get better at writing Pythonic scripts for Dashboard API, complete CMNA training, start using the templating feature in Dashboard, and, perhaps most importantly, make more time for the Meraki Community!


Well, as the saying goes, “New year, new IT networking resolutions!”


Tell us your 2020 New Year’s Network Resolutions. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 9:59am PST on Monday (January 13).


How to win

Once submissions close at 9:59am PST on January 13th, we will select three entries at random to win an exclusive Meraki Community mug!





🍀🍀Good Luck! 🍀🍀


The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member 
  • Submission period: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 11am PST through Monday, January 13, 2019 at 9:59am PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.



Did I mention API?

Comes here often

My 2020 New Year’s Network Resolutions are:

  • to advance my understanding and Utilisation of Meraki Security appliance
  • advance in in-depth Security Risk Assessment
  • Phyton Scripting from Zero to Hero
  • Complete implementation of end-to-end Meraki Solution in my office 
  • Take some certification in Security and SDN-WAN
  • Achieve my Professional Engineer designation

I plan to:

  1. Spend more time in the Meraki Community. 
  2. Learn more about Meraki networking and security.
  3. Have more fun than last year.
Here to help

SD-WAN with Meraki:







Getting noticed
Improve my FIDE rating so I can be a true Chess Brah.
Getting noticed

New ISP connection(s) with hopefully with a Meraki Wireless WAN solution!

Just browsing

Get our Seattle office enjoying the same Meraki goodness we have here in Wellington NZ!

A model citizen

I'm looking to start leveraging Meraki API to make my life easier... Meraki makes life so much easier but I'm looking forward to unlocking their full potential!!!! 

Just browsing

Finish upgrading the last 3 switches to Meraki MS switches.  


To participate in every free network training available and translate the knowledge acquired to my environment!


Focusing on outcomes... making life easier so we can be more productive...
.. at home!


I have 3 kids, all girls (yes, I'm blessed!), aged 15, 10 & 8.


Each have different 'bed time' curfews when tech must be turned off so Youtube, TikTok etc is inaccessible. If not, what generally happens, is that they'll be awake late and my partner and I have to deal with the consequences ion the morning! It aint pretty!


So, multiple SSID's with time availability, aligned with wired connections for SmartTV connections - and not forgetting I need to look at content filtering, but on an individual basis given the ages.


We naturally focus on the use of Meraki for commerce, yet, it has a place in the home too to restrict unwanted content and aide bedtime routines!

The tech is there, just needs to be applied in context for the user.



Here to help

2020 Goals:


Learn more about Meraki SDK and how I can use it to automate tasks in my network and create site templates.


Also, to be more active in networking forums to stay current on relevant issues in the networking world. 


Lastly complete our Meraki full stack solution at one of our new schools. 



Cheers to 2020 👍



Getting noticed

Already started the set up of my home lab with the CMNA offered Meraki equipments; Configured AP, switch and the Mx with trunk ports and vlans plus traffic shaping and firewall rules. Will explore as many features as possible.

Comes here often

Replace the remaining switches to Meraki, and somehow make it to Meraki HQ in SFO


Try to learn python and using api's 

Comes here often

Put my thought into my power planning while picking networking gear to minimize AC adapters!

Here to help

expand my Meraki network and coverage with additional MR

Comes here often

Implementing a network refresh with all the awesome Meraki gear that arrived before end of year. New switches, Gen 6 wifi, cameras and firewall. Woot!

Building a reputation
Writing a meraki component for and use meraki as part of my smart home solution. 🙂
Comes here often

Finish installing all 287 Z3 units across the country. Then I can relax knowing that the 4G dongle will automatically kick in and take over if the fixed line internet goes down. #lowerbloodpresure