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[CONTEST CLOSED] Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager

UPDATE: This contest has ended, thank you to everyone who shared their 2020 Network Resolutions! Congratulations to our randomly selected winners: @JohnGeorge@SteveKatsman, and @bluemoon.   


In last year’s Network Resolutions contest, the community resolved (among many things) to get better at writing Pythonic scripts for Dashboard API, complete CMNA training, start using the templating feature in Dashboard, and, perhaps most importantly, make more time for the Meraki Community!


Well, as the saying goes, “New year, new IT networking resolutions!”


Tell us your 2020 New Year’s Network Resolutions. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 9:59am PST on Monday (January 13).


How to win

Once submissions close at 9:59am PST on January 13th, we will select three entries at random to win an exclusive Meraki Community mug!





🍀🍀Good Luck! 🍀🍀


The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member 
  • Submission period: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 11am PST through Monday, January 13, 2019 at 9:59am PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Here to help

Patch those servers, document all changes, drink more coffee!

Getting noticed

Learning Python, the Meraki dashboard API and getting DevNet Certified.


finally breath after soc 2 type 2 attestation.

Here to help

Get a bigger and badder security appliance that can handle more speed, and finish off replacing the switches.

Here to help

Get more classes in Wireshark, learn Python.. Get a direct line to Starbucks with unlimited Flat Whites

Getting noticed
Migrate all my 450 Cisco CLI network to Full Stack Meraki, Upgrade security in all our network, Upgrade all Windows 7 to Windows 10
New here

More beta testing of new Meraki firewall code along with Umbrella integration and look at ways to inspect SSL traffic

Just browsing

Several switch upgrades and hopefully adding to our MR inventory!  

Building a reputation

Happy new year !


My new years resolution is pretty simple... try to sell and implement even more Meraki gear.

in Q1 we have to do a full setup for a retail customer, 2 DC's, 1HQ , 100 shops, 3 countries....

Ohh, and in between attending at Cisco Live EMEA (are more from here overthere?) 

New here
  1. First and Foremost, Drink coffee
  2. Sell More Meraki
  3. Rinse and Repeat




Python. Hopefully the new Meraki certification too!

New here
Learn to use an OTDR.
Getting noticed

Actually attend at least 50% of the Meraki webinars and quarterlies I sign up for (usually work blows me out).

Python, same as last year, learn it, use it.

Keep sending heartfelt wishes to Meraki to improve some of its firewall management and rules.


Kind of a big deal

Work on new certs

Try to make Cisco/Meraki event (ECMS or CLUS)

Work deeper and wider in the Meraki product lines


Head in the Cloud

My resolution is to play catch up. I missed almost the entire month of December either on vacation or out sick. 



Much advance understanding of Meraki Security, Attend more Webinar to advance my knowledge, Tackle down ECMS Certs, and additional Cisco Security Certs.


My resolution is to:

  • tackle more certs from various networking vendors
  • become more adept at network automation and scripting a
  • Learn a lot of new concepts in data center and cloud networking
  • Improve the Meraki networks in various office locations and become more efficient
  • Catch up on my work and be the best I can be

Getting DevNet Certified!!!!!!

New here

Master Python and Ansible, get DevNet certified.


After 20 yrs of networking the hard way, this year I need to get my head around the API and programming for Automation.

Otherwise it could be my last year.  Keep up or get left behind as someone once said. (Sound Darwinian)