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[CONTEST CLOSED] Ahoy! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Community Manager



UPDATEThis contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed to for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @arekdreyer, @SoCalRacer, and @Wazz.



🎵It’s the most wonderful time of the yarrrrr! 🎵


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day me maties!  🏴☠️


To celebrate this very special day, we want you LAN-lubbers to describe a specific Cisco Meraki product (MS, MX, MV, etc.) in pirate-speak (the M-ARR anyone!?).


Give your Meraki product description in your most pirate-iest words in a comment on this post before 10:59am PDT September 24th and be entered to win. Comments will be public throughout the contest. Feel free to pepper in pirate terms (scurvy?), swap your You/Yours with Ye/Yers, and add ARRRG to absolutely everything. Once the contest ends, we’ll then select three winners at random to win their very own gnome-pirate!






So shiver me timbers and yohoho ya old seadog! Hobble on over with yer peg-legs and swab the poop-deck! Thar be treasure awaitin’!


Ye ol’ terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 11am PDT through Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 10:59am PDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Here to help

Somewhere in the seas, on a pirate vessel


- Ehyaa...someone spell me this braand!

- Here you are mr. Captain: M-E-AARRRRRRR-A-K-I

Kind of a big deal

Ahoy everyone today be th' day we all natter like our pirate ancestors. Hope everyone's enjoyin' thar Friday.


Crew,  get ready for attaking!


Arrrg!!!!! There is another striking challenge for us! 


The spoils will be the full stack of M-e-e-e-errraaaa-ki gear: MR-MS-MX-MV !!!





Building a reputation

Ahoy, me arties, Oh-rrrr, oh-rrrr, Oh-rrrr, as some whoooo ails from Penzance, where the pirates actually ail from, and I avvv a prisninor of Meraki which used to avvvv some scallywags bootle running their ship, until my cutlass persuaded em (th)at Mertaki was the way to go and for them to make emmm uuver scoundrals walk the plank and go to see davy jones's locker was the rite option Oh-rrrr, oh-rrrr, Oh-rrrr


sooo my-ansums, the moral of eeee story, is take e cutlass and sabers to eee enamies and show emm the way to go is Meraki, or take eeee plank and end up fish food.


Remember to get eee booty give no quarter and make sure you heave ho to get emmm pieces of eight.


Scuttlebutt is where ee finds out when to batten down the hatches because the landlubbers are coming to take our system and try to steel our data, but my Meraki prisineer in Penzance has an MX he will be safe from emmm privateers from dodgey countries that want to take his pieces of eight.


So being an old seadog (I really am !!) I am off to the poop deck to raise the Jolly Roger and then get three sheets to the wind,


Avast my harties. and farewell and following sea's



Community Manager

Avast ye! Our contest be comin' t' a close. Ye 'ave 'til September 24th, 10:59 am PDT t' submit yer entry. All ye who enter will earn this noble Pirate Day badge:




Kind of a big deal

I'm in Mexico and met an original pirate on one of the Caribbean islands here. I talked to him and here's what he said.


"Fer years we were lookin' fer a way t' natter between th' ships. 'n then suddenly it came. It started wit' rumors about a way described in documents found in a Neptune booty. A way o' natterin' via waves, nah th' kind we know, made o' water but waves o' energy. Similar t' th' ways dolphins 'n whales natter.


Many a thin' was built based on these documents but th' consensus among landlubbers, seafogs 'n ole salts be: put a Meraki MR74 in yer crow's nest 'n let it do its voodoo magic.

Blimey, th' say that afore th' flyin' Dutchman appears its signal appears strong on th' waves shiverin' th' timbers o' many buccaneers alike."


I believed him as I noticed that on the island itself I spotted MR74s providing network access. 

Building a reputation

Just finished torrenting a key generator for Meraki virtual MXs. I have to say, the virualized MX works very nicely!


              |    |    |
             )_)  )_)  )_)
---------\                   /---------
  ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    ^^^^      ^^^^     ^^^    ^^
         ^^^^      ^^^
 __  __   ___         __.....__                           .     .--. 
|  |/  `.'   `.   .-''         '.                       .'|     |__| 
|   .-.  .-.   ' /     .-''"'-.  `. .-,.--.           .'  |     .--. 
|  |  |  |  |  |/     /________\   \|  .-. |    __   <    |     |  | 
|  |  |  |  |  ||                  || |  | | .:--.'.  |   | ____|  | 
|  |  |  |  |  |\    .-------------'| |  | |/ |   \ | |   | \ .'|  | 
|  |  |  |  |  | \    '-.____...---.| |  '- `" __ | | |   |/  . |  | 
|__|  |__|  |__|  `.             .' | |      .'.''| | |    /\  \|__| 
                    `''-...... -'   | |     / /   | |_|   |  \  \    
                                    |_|     \ \._,\ '/'    \  \  \   
                                             `--'  `"'------'  '---' 









(before anyone goes crazy and bans/reports me, you never said what kind of pirate...)

Kind of a big deal

Rig yer MV in thar crowsnest or walk the plank!

Community Manager

UPDATEThis contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed to for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @arekdreyer, @SoCalRacer, and @Wazz.