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[CLOSED] Share your favorite articles or new ideas for Meraki Documentation and win swag!

Meraki Employee

UPDATE: This contest has ended. A huge thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts on documentation, we're excited to go through all of your feedback! Our two randomly selected winners are: @BAllen & @andrewperry, congratulations! 


Hi Community!


I'm Cameron, Knowledge Manager here at Meraki and I manage our documentation site.




The Meraki documentation site ( includes hundreds of articles ranging from basic administration guides to deep dive troubleshooting tips for networking issues.


For this month’s challenge, I want to know your thoughts on one of these two questions: 


  1. If you had to pick the top 3 must-read articles on, which would you select?
  2. What new content would you love to see added to our documentation?

How to enter

In a comment on this post, either list your top 3 documentation articles or provide your opinion about what new documentation content you’d like to see (or both) and be entered to win swag! Submit your thoughts in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, February 17th (2/17/2020). We’ll then draw two at random to win an induction speaker! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.




The fine print:

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I love all the basic step by step articles on setup, and managing all of our gear, even though we have a bigger tech firm over me, I do a lot of the smaller stuff (open ports and things), it also means a lot to me to understand the changes that tech firm might make and why.  I suppose I like learning and I am curious so it interest me. 

Just browsing

I would like to see more information on the MV32 360 cameras. We recently had an incident where we needed to export a video clip on a MV32 and we could not do it in DPTZ mode or in fish eye mode. we looked everywhere on this site and found limited info on this. Tech support is quick and helpful.

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Meraki Trusted Access is an easy, secure way to connect iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices to Meraki MR wireless networks without enrolling the device into Systems Manager. It provides simple, secure certificate-based EAP-TLS authentication, eliminating the need to setup a certificate authority (CA) or RADIUS server.
Once you have defined which users can have access to your network, they will be able to download the configuration profile needed to join the SSID from a self-service portal using the authentication method you’ve defined for the network.


I've talked with the guys developing Meraki Trusted Access.  While very intriguing it still is very limited in devices that can join at the moment. Last conversation was limited to Apple devices?  I need it to cover like an Apartment type situation where residents "in that housing" can connect what they need (again, Smart TV's, MS Laptops, DVD player, game consoles, etc...) while excluding those who don't live in "that housing area". Again these are personal devices gaining access to areas designated for them while excluding them and others from other areas (dictated by policy and procedure).

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1. a




2. Would like to see more documentation on licensing and the restrictions of test/eval licenses vs production licenses. A lot of time could have been saved had we known you can't really test much with eval/trial licenses.

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UPDATE: due to today's U.S. national holiday, we will be extending this challenge until 11am PST tomorrow!

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