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Announcing the winners of the VLAN challenge

Community Manager



Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the VLAN Challenge. We had 135 fantastic entries, proving again (along with the SD-WAN Challenge) that all ya'll love explaining things. 


And now, without further ado, the winners!


The Community Favorite

Chosen by kudos from community members. @MarcP and @jdsilva each received 6 kudos, so we have to invoke the tiebreaker clause... in case of tie, the entry that was posted first wins. So, congratulations to @MarcP! We loved his analogy - complete with diagram - of floors in a building. Read MarcP's winning entry


The Meraki Favorite

Chosen by a panel of experts here at Meraki. There were SO MANY great entries that choosing just one was quite a challenge, but our team was up to the task. We picked @ASheppard970's entry as a simple and understandable explanation of VLANs. We liked how this entry clearly explained the pain points that VLANs can solve. Read ASheppard970's winning entry.



Congratulations, @MarcP and @ASheppard970! Stay tuned for an email from me to confirm your mailing address for your NEW AWESOME BACKPACK!




Here to help

@MarcP , that is awesome!  Although that other case looks a bit like a Violin (or Viola) case, but that might just be perspective in the picture.  Glad to hear you received it, mate!  I'd like to think we're the only two blokes in the world with backpacks as cool as these...but I'm sure there are others.

Community Manager

Yay!! Sorry for the delay, @MarcP!! Glad it finally made it to you. Enjoy!

Head in the Cloud

@ASheppard970 haha yeah, don´t think many have got these bags... @CarolineS maybe knows something about it? 😉

My collegues and CIO are already very jealous 😄


@CarolineS No problem, happens sometimes.

Kind of a big deal

@MarcP MotM got them a few months ago, but otherwise I've never seen them anywhere else.



Head in the Cloud

oh, MotM´s get something as well?

o I need to be more active and give more solutions to get more Meraki swag, haha