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Announcing the Meraki Learning Hub!

Community Manager



We are excited to announce an all-new resource here on the Meraki Community — the Meraki Learning Hub.


The Learning Hub is now THE place to learn about Meraki’s training offerings. Take a look for yourself:


We also have some exciting changes to share about our training programs:



  • To prepare you for the certification, we are launching a new technical training track: ECMS1 and ECMS2.


  • If you’re a Cisco partner, you also have access to a new on-demand training series that will prepare you to position and sell Meraki, Meraki FIT.


We hope you’re as excited about the Learning Hub as we are and that you’ll join us there to continue your journey with Meraki!


What are you waiting for… go take a look!

Head in the Cloud

Looking forward to more technician focused education on Meraki, rather than Sales focused pitches!


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The ECMS2 training course definitely looks promising and I'm looking forward to it reaching the London regional office.

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I can't wait for the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification! But if the ECMS2 is coming anytime soon that would be great too!




Amazing i was waiting for something like this - ECMS 1, 2 & CMSS Smiley Very Happy

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New certification. Sign me up! I guess that means I need to adapt my new years resolutions Smiley Tongue

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The CMNO was great... but it felt like there isn't quite enough time to cover everything in sufficient depth... so ECMS2 looks great!

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I'm looking forward to this training class. When I took CMNO, I found myself hoping that a more advanced course would come along in the near future, so the ECMS2 is just what I was hoping for!


I noticed that the only way to get a seat currently is by recommendation from a member of the Meraki sales team. Who, exactly, is that? We purchased our Meraki gear through a third-party reseller (SyCom Technologies) that handled the sales side and assisted with the implementation. Does that make them our "sales team?" If so, how do they make a recommendation? 


I would like to get into the ECMS2 class while the CMNO training is still fresh in my memory. 


Any info about how to obtain the recommendation would be very helpful and very much appreciated.


Thank you!





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I asked for this years ago, glad to finally see it happening. 

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Finally some deeper training ! Been waiting for this since I took the CNMO. I'm stoked to getting CMSS, now ECMS2 just needs to come to the Chicago area!

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I'd love to be able to register for EMS1. No mater which date/time I click on, there is no form displayed. I've tried this in Chrome and Safari. Does this mean the sessions are full? A note to that effect would be nice.
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This is a great step towards the more in-depth training that many of us have been asking for! Hopefully the ECMS2 comes to my area soon as I don't think the company will fly me out to Meraki HQ as much as I would love to go!

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Also, I really hope I'm not going to have to travel 1000+ miles just to take EMS2. Please add more cities for those of us that aren't lucky enough to live in (or near) one of the 3 most expensive cities on the planet. San Francisco, London or Sydney are the only 3 cities listed on the Interest form. Better yet, add a virtual option. I can't imagine anything that couldn't be covered virtually. We are talking about cloud managed networking gear, right?
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...And my sales team has officially been harassed about the ECMS2 🙂



Meraki Employee

@CraigCummings There are four ECMS1 March sessions in US time zones available for registration right now (sessions are added regularly). You can select a date from the left-hand column and register via this form


Meraki is working scale ECMS2 capacity, while it will initially be limited to in-person sessions in Meraki offices, the team intends to provide other options for participating in this advanced training and preparing for the CMSS!

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@jdsilva @EliseK  How does one go about getting an official recommendation from the sales team for ECMS2?? Can you provide some clarification on that?



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Global Meraki Team


I am looking forward to meet all you personally and to assist to ECMS2 at offices in Bogota, Colombia


Good luck with this effort global and rapid progress offering new training (in person and virtual) coming soon.



Kind of a big deal

@Twitch I just emailed my Meraki Account team (also the sales team) and said I am interested in participating in the ECMS2 if there's a slot available. No idea if it'll get me a slot or not, but at least the ask is in with them. 

Meraki Employee

@Twitch,  @jdsilva said it well. You can reach out directly to your Meraki account team to let them know your interest. 


To be notified when additional opportunities to attend a session become available, you can also complete this form.


Information on attendee requirements for ECMS2 (level of technical knowledge etc) is available on the ECMS2 page and the corresponding FAQ. 

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@EliseK, I don't see a form on this page, no matter which date I click on. Just blank white space to the right on the dates. I'd paste a screenshot if I could. I've tried this in Chrome and Safari.


Update: I tried from another computer and it's working, so something wrong locally.

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@EliseK @jdsilva  Thanks guys! We don't have an account team that I'm aware of. Our Meraki gear was purchased through a Cisco reseller who handled everything for us in terms of the order, etc. I guess that is where I'm confused - we don't technically have a "team" at Meraki to directly contact.


Can you send me some contact info for someone on the account team that I can forward my request to? 


I truly appreciate your help!