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Thoughts on speakerphone quality?

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Thoughts on speakerphone quality?

I am still evaluating the phones so am not a full time user yet.  One issue we have run against is the noise that the mic picks up when on speaker phone.  Most of our offices have air vents.  I don't notice them anymore but they do produce a fair amount of noise.  The mics on the MC74 seem to pick up a fair amount of the background noise.  Have others experienced this?  Any steps you took that helped reduce the noise?



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Re: Thoughts on speakerphone quality?

I have run into this with other systems, not necessarily with the Meraki - in each situation we recommended wireless headsets and the customers have always been happy.



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Re: Thoughts on speakerphone quality?

They do pick up background noise but the noise cancellation feature is pretty good. They can cut off the last syllable of the machines. The sound out of the phone is pretty good and the microphones pick up voices pretty well around a medium size table.




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