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MC74 Migration

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MC74 Migration

Just wanted to share what we are doing on our migration from Meraki MC74.      We are a small business with than 10 employees.    We are too small for the "Cisco Business Edition 4000 Play".   We didn't want to invest a lot into a phone system which is not used that much.   The reality is that traditional phone systems are dead technology.  Most of the employees use their cell phones because of convenience.   We needed a basic phone system for inter-office communications and for the non millennials who need a traditional phone.     


We looked at several PBX (Cisco BE4000, Asterisk, FreePBX, Hosted Solutions, etc) and decided on the 3CX PBX.     What I liked about it is that


1) It was easy deploy and setup.   A preconfigured Debian machine ran in VSphere.  Simple! 

2) A ton of documentation on configuring the PBX.  Most of it is intuitive so not that hard to deploy.

3)  Pricing,  8 simultaneous calls Pro Edition was $369. (Cisco Business Edition was $8300)

4)  Features and more features...   (Video, Web, Softphone, Apps etc)


With this, you get  the traditional PBX phone services that uses SIP trunking.  It not only provides standard PBX features, but add a whole new dimension advance telepresence features such as web collaboration, conference calling, softphones (both PC, IOS and Android) without a huge licensing cost or dedicated hardware.     See for the features comparisons.


For end points, we decided on Yealink phones.  Purchase the 10x T23G, at around $55 each with NO ANNUAL LICENSE!!!! from (no shipping cost either).    These are basic phone but they meet our needs.    They support other phones as well, see   (If you did deeper, you can find support for your old legacy Cisco Phones, see


Since our office numbers already been ported to Intelepeer with the MC74, it was easy to keep with Intelepeer.  They just moved the numbers from Meraki to the new SIP trunk (without porting cost).    If you do this route, make sure that Intelepeer creates 2 trunks, 1 (one) for rate usage for the working numbers and the 2nd trunk for numbers in reserve (non working numbers).


So to migrate from Meraki, cost:



1.  VSphere Machine (2G memory, 1 core, 64GB storage)  

2.  3CX PBX Pro - $369

3.  10 phones @ 55 each

4.  1 conference phone CP920 ($350)


* Total Setup Cost:  $1269

* Yearly Recurring Cost:  $369 for 3CX

*  SIP Trunk Cost:  Intelepeer:  About the same



1.  Setup the Firewall.  Took a while because I was trying to use VLAN 100 that conflicted with Meraki.  I decided to move into a separate VLAN with a static IP.   Piece of cake... 

2.  Deploy 3CX PBX on VSphere (15 minutes)

3.  Deploy the phones.   (Hard part was to put phone on the new VLAN), once that, it is easy to move over.   Once the Meraki MC74 are fully disconnected, I will move back to VLAN100.


This is what we did.  I hope someone finds this useful.  



Here to help

Re: MC74 Migration

Thanks for posting this. I'm in the same situation. Between Meraki endings MC74 and their lack of IPv6 support, I am losing confidence in Meraki as an on-going concern.

Here to help

Re: MC74 Migration


Anyone interested in buying 17 MC74?  

Getting noticed

Re: MC74 Migration

It's just sad that you can't flash them with an new firmware that would allow them to work on any SIP PBX. I think it would have been a better idea for Meraki.

Now you're stuck with this because even if someone buys them, he won't be able to use them!
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