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Bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth headset



Is there a trick to pairing a bluetooth headset?  I'm running the latest beta but it didn't work for me in GA either.  When I go to settings->Bluetooth devices, neither device I've tried in discovered mode show up in the discovered device (even after restarts).  I've seen a list of USB headsets that work, is bluetooth limited to a narrow list as well.  I've tried Bose QC headsets as well as a JawBone







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Re: Bluetooth headset

@iosman123  Sounds like you have a faulty device, if it cannot find two different headsets I doubt its a bluetooth version issue unless you are using a really old device. 


is the device managed by an MDM? If could also be a restriction if you are using an MDM.

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Re: Bluetooth headset

Is this headset related to something using a Meraki product? 


>I'm running the latest beta


The latest beta for what product?



What device are you trying to pair the bluetooth headset with?  An iPhone, and Android Tablet, a Windows 10 notebook, something else?

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Re: Bluetooth headset

Seeing as this is the Communications forum, I'm going to assume the OP has MC's.


There's not much documentation about this. The only mention I find is this Cisco Live presentation:


Plantronics and Jabra are mentioned, so you'll have the most luck with those I guess.


Just in case you weren't aware, there's no future for the MC line anymore unfortunately:

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