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Audio delay on calls

Comes here often

Audio delay on calls

Has anyone else experienced this? MC version 1.12. I have 1 store (of about 20) that is complaining:
"The phones also have a horrible delay on most calls. It's frustrating to the customers more than anything."

I'm about to raise a support case, but wanted to poll the group first.

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Re: Audio delay on calls

I have seen the delay on all external VOIP phones, not just the Meraki.  When we had our Cisco call manager in house the phones were still VOIP to the gateway and there was no delay.  We went to SfB hosted offsite that our phones connect to.  When making a call to the office across the hall, I can hear the delay coming across thee other users speakerphone.  It is strange.  With the Meraki phones I experience that same issue although the delay is slightly less.  That being said, I don't know if I would notice the delay if I was not close enough to hear the other person.  

Comes here often

Re: Audio delay on calls

Specifically the delay they're referring to are on external calls. They describe as talking over a satellite, where they interrupt each other. This happens on both inbound and outbound calls.

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