Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst: Overview and FAQ

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Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst: Overview and FAQ

Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst Overview and FAQ is available on the Meraki Documentation site.

Head in the Cloud

Could you please verify that you need to have "Unique client identifier - BETA" enabled on the network you try to join it to before the 9300 will actually be visible in the Dashboard ?

I had some trouble with it today. But got it online eventually.

Now Im stuck in the other mode : Management. Where the switch cant be claimed to inventory. But if I use the API to claim it directly to a network, it only works if that network has "Unique client identifier - BETA" enabled. And that's not something you apparently can easily set on networks that do not already have switches in them (and of course an MX).

Hi Thomas, Cloud Management is not yet available (still in EFT). Do not attempt to migrate your switches to full cloud management unless you are directly engaged with the Meraki PM team as part of the EFT group.

As for Cloud Monitoring, you should not need to enable Track By Unique Client Identifier manually as it is enabled as part of the onboarding process.

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