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New Product Update! - MT (Meraki Things)

Meraki Employee

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Excited to announce that we have launched a new product - MT (Meraki Things) sensors for monitoring critical IT infrastructure.

Meraki MT sensors monitor indoor environments and IT infrastructure. Three models of cloud-managed devices - MT10, MT12 and MT20 - provide real-time data on indoor temperature, humidity, water leaks and property/room access.

Meraki MT sensors use a network’s existing Meraki MR Wi-Fi 6 access points or MV smart cameras as gateways (BLE), automatically connecting and speeding up deployment timeframes.

Of course, they slot into the existing Meraki dashboard and you can be alerted to any issues!

They are shipping now and we can of course do free trials 🙂


P.S. Batteries included!!!

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A model citizen

I have orders in system, not shipped. What is the ETA? EMEA WH for me.