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Meraki Employee

Please note: We are making changes to the CMNO program. The FAQs below answer questions regarding the current CMNO program, which will run through March 18th. Find more information and FAQs specific to the ECMS1 program here or about all of our training offerings on the Meraki Learning Hub.



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Eligibility and Registration


How do I register for a CMNO Course?

You can view more information and register for upcoming sessions on our website.


Please see below for eligibility requirements. When registering, take care to enter your information fully and correctly as eligibility for CMNO is assessed based on information provided.


What are the eligibility requirements to attend?

CMNO is intended to support Meraki operators. The training course is open to existing Meraki customers and service providers who have purchased Meraki equipment, as well as a limited number of Meraki partners. Complete eligibility information can be found here.


Kindly note that there's strong demand for CMNO training sessions and we aren't always able to accept everyone into the course for which they register.


What is the difference between CMNA and CMNO? Can I attend either...or both?

CMNO and CMNA are intended for exclusively different audiences. CMNO supports post-sales Meraki network operators, whereas CMNA supports pre-sales engineers from Cisco or eligble Meraki partners. 


Eligble Meraki partners can find out more information through the Meraki Partner Portal > Training.


Why can't I see any available CMNO Sessions?

If no sessions are available, it means all of our upcoming sessions are full. e publish new course dates every first and third Tuesday of the month, so do check back at a later date.


I've registered. How do I know my spot is confirmed in the course?

We process registrations within 48 business hours. If you have not received an update on your status within 48 hours, please check to make sure our email did not end up in your spam folder and reach out to your sales rep for an update on your status.


I can no longer attend on this date. How can I change my registration?

Please email us to let us know you are no longer able to attend on the date you registered so we can free up a spot for another. You can reschedule by signing up for a new course date on the CMNO page:


I can no longer attend—can my colleague attend in my place?

Unfortunately, no. As your login, lab results, and certificate are all linked to the information you provide at registration, we require all individuals to register should they want to attend a CMNO. If you can no longer attend, kindly notify us. Interested colleagues may register on our website:




Course Information


How long will the lab take?

The full CMNO course is 8 hours, including an open lab period and CMNO exam. Individuals who opt not to take advantage of the full open lab period may finish the course within 7 hours.



I can't attend for the full day—can I complete the lab later?

No, the lab must be completed within the time allotted for the course. Though time varies depending on technical skill level and familiarity with Meraki products, we suggest scheduling to take the course a different day if you feel you cannot devote 8 hours to the full course.








Results & Certification

How long will it take to get my results from the course?

Results are processed within one business week of a CMNO course. If it's been more than a week and you still haven't received your results, we suggest checking your spam folder. Not there? Please reach out to your sales rep for assistance.


My CMNO certificate is incorrect

Requests for corrections on your certificate, or requests for a PDF copy of your certificate take 2 weeks to process. When ready, your corrected certificate or PDF copy will be sent via email.


Can I get a PDF copy of my CMNO certificate?

Requests for a PDF copy or corrections on your certificate take 2 weeks to process. When ready, your corrected certificate or PDF copy will be sent via email.


When does my CMNO certificate expire?

The CMNO course is fairly young, so at this time we’re still developing guidelines on certification expiration dates. We’ll be sure to make this information available publicly when finalized.


I failed the course—can I take it again?

If you failed the CMNO course, you will need to wait 30 days before registering to take the course again.


Is there any promo gear after completing CMNO?

As CMNO is a certification and training course, not a traditional webinar, we do not provide free equipment with certification. Successful participants receive a certificate with a unique identification and use of the CMNO signature. For more information on the free AP program and to attend a webinar that qualifies, visit


I was told I passed, but I haven't received my certificate.

Please allow 2 weeks to receive your certificate after successfully passing the course. Requests for corrections on your certificate, or requests for a PDF copy of your certificate also take 2 weeks to process.